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Focusing on Paediatric Communication

Focusing on Paediatric Communication.


Sound Bites Therapy Services is a group of like-minded clinicians who care about offering a great service to children and families in Adelaide. 


At Sound Bites, we use a family-centred approach to therapy, where each child is seen as a part of a wider family and community. It is important to us that our clients feel connected and empowered when working with us. Therefore we value consistent, clear communication between families and therapists.

Fees and rebates

We offer the following options for rebates

Animation One

Alison Spurr

Director/Speech Pathologist

Janie Young

Speech Pathologist

Amelia Lim

Speech Pathologist

Julia Mchawala

Speech Pathologist

Zoe Tsoleridis

Speech Pathologist

Shari Bessell

Speech Pathologist

Rebecca Mintern

Speech Pathologist

Jasmine Paunovic

Speech Pathologist

Sue Vardas

Clinic Assistant

Professional Development

Contact us to learn more about professional presentations and workshops in the areas of:

Animation One